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Sales Roles

  • Vice Presidents of Sales

  • Regional Sales Executive/Directors

  • Account Specific Sales Specialists

  • New Territory Sales Specialists

  • Business Development Experts

I have placed over one hundred sales professionals with software vendors ranging from start ups all the way up to global multinationals in both the enterprise and telecom markets.   

Vice President of Sales

Vice Presidents of Sales is responsible for leading their sales teams to meet and exceed sales goals. The key duties of Sales VP’s  include hiring and development members of their teams, creating and0 executing sales strategies, and developing and managing the sales department budget. Vice presidents are strong leaders. They must be able to make confident and important decisions, often in lieu of the CEO or president. Communicating their ideas clearly, presenting new concepts or directions, and leading the company with clarity and transparency are essential to the role.

Regional Sales Executives

A Regional Sales Executive is typically responsible for the sale of a business' products or services to all customers in a specified region or geographical area. These territories can be as granular as a single zip code and as grand as countries, or continents.

New Territory Sales Specialists

New Territory Sales Specialists or often referred to ubiquitous Sales Hunters. Hunters are most often the ones tasked with finding net new business from net new customers.  They are absolutely essential for new companies entering a new market or region. Hunters are an uncommon breed and are often difficult to find and even more difficult to manage.       

Account Specific Sales Professionals

These positions cover a broad list of sales roles.  They can be hunters, farmers or channel focused.  Their territories can be defined by a single account, (i.e. AT&T or Citi), or vertically defined as Enterprise, Service Provider, SLED/GEM etc.  Account managers are often client experts with a well defined customer contact network in the given account.  The best AM’s are highly adept at using their existing contacts within customers to change cold calls to warm calls. 

Business Development Experts

Business Development (BD) Experts are the sales people who find channel partners and work with established channel partners on sales initiatives.  BD reps can have a massive effect on a company’s revenue when the channel is working well.  BD reps fundamentally need to be excellent sales professionals.  They embody the image a vendor puts forward to their channel.  Because they are relied on to be product experts, called into deals where partners are often pitching broader solutions, the BD expert needs to instill the confidence that they will aid  the lead sales representative from the channel in winning business.  

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