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Starting his recruiting career 25 years ago, George has worked continuously to source talented professionals across a number of industries with one common theme – software. 

George has worked for start-up vendors from the inside and as a partner. 

He has sourced subject matter experts in Sales and engineering staff for some of the biggest software companies in the world with a particular focus on software vendors who sell to the Telecom and Communications industries.

Value Proposition

To recruit the best, you need to understand what makes the best the best!  A simple title always belies the complexity of the role. 

George has always believed that to be successful, a recruiter must invest the time

to understand every client’s Culture, hiring motivation,  technologies, and value proposition.

This approach has allowed George to develop Trusted Advisor relationships with clients that have spanned decades.


I know the value of working with my clients internal recruitment organizations.  They are most often over subscribed and this is where I come in.  When clients have very specific requirements that require deep knowledge - they rely on me to bring the extra bandwidth they need. 

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