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Recruitment is a business.  Changing jobs is often a life altering experience

that affects more than the lives of my candidates. 


My goal is to help candidates to make moves that improve their careers and their lives.

Career change and interviewing is also an uncommon process for most.  My commitment to you is to work with you to present your professional and personal accomplishments in the best possible light.

The nature of Distinct Directions is confidential Search.  If you are thinking about a career change send me a note via LinkedIn or email.  After all – if I know you are open to opportunities – I may connect

you on a perfect role. Career change is a personal and private affair, and as such,

I will take all possible precautions to ensure that your privacy is maintained.



For those people who feel they want to improve their written resume, I do offer the service of writing and editing to give you a resume that really highlights your accomplishments in a way that represents you in the way that a potential employers will immediately see

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